Making Income Tax Preparation Easy and Cost-Effective

JimmyTax tax return filing services will help you to prepare and e-file your tax return from the comfort of your home. This process is easy and cost effective. Whether you have a job or a small- medium scale business owner, we’ll tailor our services to suit your needs in the best way. We will find you the best possible income tax refund.

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Low Prices and Time Efficient

Online Taxes Made Easy with ShareFile – Take a photo to Complete Your Taxes.

JimmyTax via the ShareFile system is completely secure with bank-level encryption. Just simply complete the tax document, take a picture and upload it to the ShareFile app or email, and the rest is up to us at JimmyTax. It’s an easy and stress-free tax filing process, which means more time for you without the hassle of an appointment, and the expensive fees which take a good chunk out of your refund.


All it takes is a photo to complete your taxes. Too good to be true, right? When clients take advantage of online taxes with our ShareFile platform, you will save time, money, and your valuable information will be protected.

Get Your Tax Return Done and Receive a Tax Refund


Earn $50 Per Referral


For a limited time only, you can discount your preparation fees by $50 for each person/family you bring to JimmyTax for complete tax returns. This is a great chance to get some extra money along with your refund!

Money Back 100% Guaranteed

Our service is cutting edge and reliable. We expect you to be very satisfied for choosing JimmyTax for your income tax preparation needs. So much that we guarantee you will be happy with our service, if not we’ll refund you the money back.